Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Inspiration when I least expected it...

Into the Portal by Shari Sherman ©2017

My mother passed away a year ago Sunday. I have finally come to look at the span of the year as a "writeoff". It was a year of feeling uninspired to paint, to teach, to write. Yes, there have been sparks here and there. But nothing that felt like catching. Doodles and stitches and splashes of watercolor and ink. Just colors and lines meandering about. Late last year I ended up taking a JOB because my inspiration had dried up. Thankfully, this allowed me to take any pressure off my art, off my projects.

I knew this week was going to be a rough one, but I had no idea how rough. Fast forward to, Thursday, March 16, my husband's birthday, and our beloved sweet dog, Maui, passed away.  I don't want to write about it. I'm still in the stage where I expect to see him here. Anyone who has ever loved a dog and lost a dog knows.

But an interesting thing happened. There I was engulfed in sadness, just like I was a year before, but this time, I immediately felt like painting my dog. Just as I have done many, many times in the past for my clients who have also loved and lost. It is therapy for me, A way of prolonging the connection, of making sure the channel stays open. So I got out my paints and started painting. Feeling Inspired. All kinds of thoughts going through my head with each stroke, mixing the paints, choosing the brushes...mostly remembering how easy this is for me. For a whole year, it has felt hard and difficult and muddy. And now, ease.

So, this year on Sunday, I lit a candle for my mom and stood at my table painting, the happiest that I've been in a long time...well, in about a year.

Until next time, Lovebeams to you!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Start anywhere...

Swatchbook by Shari Sherman Feb 2017
I have to admit I was a little bit shocked to see how much time has passed since I last did a blog post. I've been here before, letting my blog go and then wanting to come back to it. Last year was a bust. A write off. The death of my mother almost a year ago derailed me. I lost that creative feeling and am now just starting to get it back. I didn't feel like teaching. I didn't feel like painting. I didn't feel like finishing big projects. I've kept myself going with small snippets of creativity. Doodles here and there, Playing with words and color only when I felt like. I know myself well enough to know that there are times when I just can't push myself. I have had to work my way through with care. I'm not going to make any sweeping promises about being consistent or state any goals like "one blog post a week". Nope. What I am going to do is just start again from where I'm at with what I've got. 

Last month I felt inspired to follow Rae Missigman's Art Marks daily exercise, a 30-day challenge with prompts for different art marks each day. It felt do-able. I decided on a creating a little swatchbook with a ring binder and 30 pieces of paper to fill it. I consciously resisted pressuring myself and let the little book take its form. After the 30 days, I decided to start another little swatchbook. This time without prompts, just add some creativity each day. It can be anything: Collage, watercolor, drawing, sewing, writing,..I even hole-punched my Alvin Ailey ticket stub and added that. It feels good. It feels like inspiration. And it feels like little sparks are starting to fly...

and that is where I'm at. 

Until next time, Lovebeams to you!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Doodle Habit

Fourteen days ago I signed up for a course on the Daily OM. It is offered by Jen Sincero, author of the book, You are a Badass.  This course, called Unleash the Power of Badass Habits, is basically a 21-day course wherein you can choose what habit you would like to either create or get rid of. I'm sure all of us can thing of many habits that we'd either like to institute or eradicate, but Jen advises early on to just pick one...focus on one. I chose to create a solid habit of Art Every Day.

For me that means, 30 minutes every day of showing up. It could be drawing, painting, sewing, whatever. Well, I have been bitten by the doodlebug! For 30 minutes in the evening, I just let my brain go,..from brain to hand to heart...letting it pour out. And I am loving all of the cute things that are emerging! Some are ideas for future projects, some are patterns, and some are just inklings of what pops into my mind. I can't wait to get to the page each night. 7 more days and I will have a bonafide habit under my belt. I will proudly be able to say "I Create Art Every Day."

Until next time, Lovebeams to you!