Tuesday, March 31, 2009


These are tomatoes that my dad picked for us to take home. There is a little U-Pick-It farm near where my parents live and every year we anxiously await Tomato season. Oh My Goodness! They are so good. We brought home a big paper grocery bag full and gave some away and saved the rest. The greenies are soaking up some more sun, and I am planning a homemade salsa for Taco Night tonight. Yum-Dilly-Um! They are so good on their own that I had a thick slice of one on toast for breakfast this morning. They are inspiring me to get started on my salsa garden. I really want to grow a big veggie garden out back, but I think I will start with salsa ingredients first (tomatoes, cilantro, peppers) and not go crazy and give up. Maybe some watermelons too. But that's it. And I already have sunflower seeds, so them too....but THAT IS IT!

I'm doing errands today, delivering, packing, shipping, and then I will be in the studio the rest of the day into the wee hours. Hopefully, I'll have something to show you soon!
Have a peaceful, bountiful day!

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  1. Aaaahhh, I'm suffering from severe tomato envy now! That was a big reason I was looking forward to going down there, well those and strawberries. Because all we have right now are CRAP! EXPENSIVE crap! I bought some Romas the other day just hoping they'd actually have flavor to them, but no.
    I decided the other day to start small and just see how I do with some tomato plants. I had some successful flowers grow last year, but sadly my sunflowers didn't make it. I'm not sure why.


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