Thursday, March 26, 2009


These are a few of the newbies that I'm taking with me down to the islands for the Sanibel-Captiva Art Show this weekend. I am dog tired, but wanted to post before we leave tomorrow. I still have packing to do. At least Leila is squared away, thanks to Tim! I don't know where the expression dog tired comes from, because every dog I've known sleeps most of the day. Anyhoo, you can see where my brain is at. I have been thinking about persistence lately and since the president mentioned it last night, I figured it was due to be addressed. I believe that with persistence all things are possible, just keep going. I know there is a quote about persistence over talent, I'll have to look that up in the Quotationary. Last night while watching The Biggest Loser, the girl Tara got totally bullied just because she is in the lead, with the other players putting her at a huge disadvantage for one of their challenges. So she takes the extra 257 pounds PLUS the 2,000-pound car and pulls that weight for a quarter mile beating everyone else. It was friggin' amazing. And she said all she kept thinking was, "you said you were going to do this, so do it. Just keep going." The best revenge is kicking some ass!

I couldn't find the quote, I think it's by Edison. But the Quotationary did have in regards to persistence:

Keep on truckin, Mama- Truckin song, 1930

Dogged does it- Greek saying

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  1. Yeah sometimes, well always, it's not the person with the biggest talent that wins, it's the one with the most persistence.

    Whether you like her or not, Madonna is proof of this!

  2. This is a concept I'm very familiar with but it's still good to be reminded of every so often. Those pictures are beautiful - the colors make me happy all by themselves! I hope everything goes great this weekend.
    I am starting to love Tara - at first I was a little scared of her (and Brian says she has crazy eye) but she has been the toughest person there all year! I think she is who I'm rooting for now to take it all!


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