Friday, January 22, 2010

Ok, let's try this a different way....

It's 22 days after I last posted and that's not quite what I meant about blogging more in the new year. So I'm going to put myself on a schedule in order to get the ball rolling and stop procrastinating. I think if I commit to posting on a regular basis, say once a week (Sunday will be good, I think) that will help get me on track. There is so much going on that I'd like to share...our creativity group started the book, Vein of Gold, by Julia Cameron. This is going to be an awesome followup to The Artist's Way. Also, I've started doing more art journaling and mixed media. And the art shows are about to get into full swing, and I can feel the buzz already. Busy, busy, bee!

Something Good is going to happen to You today!

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