Saturday, June 26, 2010

Off to Dreamland

I'm doing a little posting before we head out today to Sanibel. There's just something about crossing over the bridge to the island that makes me exhale and relax instantly. Maybe it's the thought of the calm waters and the pink cotton candy clouds that await. Oh and the nature! and the Attitude. Although there are a few exceptions, maybe more so in recent years, everyone has the island attitude which is to slow down...take it easy....relax and enjoy. And notice the little amazing things all around.

Like this temporary sand turtle. I just love his seashell shell!

Having fun at the July 4th Parade!

And being so close to these wonderful gentle creatures.
It is going to be such a wild contrast to the flurry of activity I have been experiencing lately. I feel great about getting so much done and going with the flow of it all, but I also feel myself approaching the edge of overwhelm, and I think a week to re-group and re-energize is exactly what I need! Many, many thanks to the powers that Be!
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