Thursday, July 1, 2010

And the Guest Blogger is.....

Hi all, my mom wanted me to pop in and say Hi to keep the blog going while she's on vacation with the rest of my family. I get to stay with Nana and Poppi this time which is much better than the other place with all the gates and dogs who snore all night! I have my nice comfy bed, not to mention the leather couches that I hop up on when they are out! They are over-feeding me with treats and basically giving me the royal treatment! Even though that is nice, I can't wait for my family to come home. Only a few days to go and I'll be pouncing all over them.....Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon!! (That's DOG for LOVE!!)
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  1. so awesome that your dog did the guest blogging!

    i'm so wondering if nana and poppi helped or what?!


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