Friday, July 23, 2010

When is a Salad Spinner not a salad spinner?

When it is ORANGE! My mother-in-law got me this for my birthday, and I LOVE it! I am really diggin' the color orange right now, and this was such a pleasant surprise. Makes me want to eat salads and all other kinds of fruits and veggies that can be spun and dried!

Had a wonderful birthday dinner at a little Italian place nearby called Stefano's Trattoria. good. Leila's recommendation...."You have to try the'll change your life!!" It is delicious but I'm afraid that by "change your life" that might mean changing into a big fat cow! Good thing I have my new salad spinner.

Birthday week is almost over!  I promise there is art in progress to come. I am working on several projects at the moment. Our Vein of Gold group has a show coming up at The Casselberry Art House, and I have about 6 peices to complete, and I'll post my progress. A lot of these are using different mediums than I'm used to. A lot of fun!
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  1. Hi Shari, I am curious about Our Vein of Golf and your show. Could you send me more info? ashleyinzer at gmial dot com. Thanks!


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