Sunday, November 21, 2010

PROOF! Art Every Day

I just love finding hearts in the most unusual places. This is a bowl of spicy queso dip. Proof that love is really all around! It's fun to find these reminders.

Secondly, I have been so busy creating that I haven't had time to post! I figure the posting of groups of creative activities will just have to do. Proof that I have been up to only good!
This is the pinned pattern of my Empathy doll for the Art, Heart, and Healing workshop. There is also one in the works for Leila. They are quite a bit along from this, but I don't want to spoil their reveal before they are ready.

Here I am working on these two cute dolls. (My watch is stuck on military time! Since the last time change, I can't figure out how to get it back to regular time...makes me feel very MacGyver-y, until someone asks the time....I have to think...hmmm, let's see...subtract the 12, which gives you...then it's 3:58! 

Finally, here's a small piece I'm taking with me to Sanibel. I have been feeling this lately and it feels like a BIG HUG.  Go do some art. Art heals the soul. 

I'll be back with more creative unveilings when I take more pics. Have a light-hearted day!
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  1. Hi Shari!
    I love your little Art Heals piece. It is so true. Art has helped me in so many ways that I can not even explain!

  2. Your sour cream heart reminds me of a concrete heart that I pass every day on the side of the road after picking up my daughter... I think of you VOG girls... Love wins!


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