Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meet ED

This is ED (which is short for Empathy Doll, name courtesy of my husband Tim). He is actually an Empathy Monster, but he keeps a low profile about that whole monster business. It has such gruesome connotations and can be filled with negative stereotyping. He is a little softie that I made as part of the fabulous ARt, Heart, and Healing workshop. So much goodness there, check it out if your creative juices need a little stirring up. ED is a listener. He doesn't offer any advice or anecdotes...he just listens. Lately, he's been listening to how time flies, and how I feel like I am in the same place I so often am with way too much to do and not enough time to do it, about how I feel as if I am just running from one place to the other. Why am I repeating this pattern?  Why I am continuing to make the same choices that end me up here?  I wish ED could just tell me the answers, but I know that his silence will help me find the answers within.

And here is a booth shot from my recent art show down on Sanibel Island. I really like how it is evolving. That proud green table in the center was a shabby roadside pickup that just got a sweet facelift with a little help from the Voggies. Can you believe that someone just threw it away?  The next project on the list is to paint my director chairs and now that I look at it, possibly paint the legs on my print holder with black and white striping. (I seriously think I'm addicted to black and white stripes!!)  I just love seeing how different artists display their work. Send me some links if you'd like to share!

Go out and be kind!


  1. Looks great-LOVE the refurbished table (of course)

  2. Thanks Lisa! I know you can appreciate the beauty of trash to treasure.

  3. Shari,
    I'm so happy to visit your beautiful site! It's a happy, uplifting place! Your artwork is vibrant and alive, and I just love it! Thanks for stopping by teenytinypieces. I'll stop back in to check on you soon, and see what's new!
    Take good care!
    :) Jane


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