Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa was Here

Look who was hiding in the fireplace wreath...2 little empathy monsters! Leila loved mine so much that I had to create one for her too.

Kona is a trooper, but I think he's had it with the holiday photos for this year.
Leila making her first ever batch of Scottish shortbread. Notice her tai chi method of kneading. It was kind of nice to have 3 generations of shortbread makers involved in the process. It turned out delish, and I am wondering why we only make it for holidays....oh yeah, one of the main ingredients is butter, and lots of it! YUM.
It's interesting to look around and see how different families celebrate the holidays and what traditions are incorporated from years past and melded into the present. Here my Dad has just gifted Leila with her annual supply of tape. Yes, TAPE. It is a craft necessity for her and the tradition was started several years back of giving her tape. She still lights up when she gets it!

Baby Maui not quite sure what all this craziness is about....but lovin' all the paper everywhere and his first BIG  bone-bone.

A delightful surprise! Our family friends, Judy and Irwin, were not able to make it to our house for Christmas dinner this year. We have spent many holidays together and they were certainly missed. It was nice to answer the door and see these. So thoughtful!

Ahhhhhh, one of the traditions I look forward to the most. Warming my toes by the fire (Mahalo, sweet Elle, for these happy, comfy socks!), enjoying the glow of the lovely white tree (still in love with this tree after so many years!), a stack of gifted books in my lap, and a barrel of popcorn by my side.
So much possibility swirling about for the New Year!
Hope you all are enjoying this Season of Generosity, Hope, and Love.
Life is oh so good!

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