Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whew...glad that's done.

I hope I've finally learned my lesson this time about waiting until the last minute to start things...especially big projects that require a lot of time. Especially projects that I actually would have enjoyed much more if I started earlier. I have all the excuses in place because I really was working on other projects with their own due dates, but the reality is that I could have started sooner, with a little sketch here and a little sketch there. 10 minutes before bed or 30 minutes while sitting in front of the boob tube.
Well, it's done, my sketchbook is off to Brooklyn. After a fitful struggle with my scanner this morning and me rolling my eyes towards the heavens questioning, "why, why, why?" (I know the reason why...see lesson about not waiting until the last minute to start!) I made the extended deadline. It's not a masterpeice, but some good ideas were rolled around and some good sketches were made, and I realized that I really do like sketching. It's  fun. I remember now.
I'll post more later on how you can view or follow my book as it tours the country as part of The Sketchbook Project and finally when it lands in The Brooklyn Library of Art, how you can Check It Out!

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  1. Pictures please!! Don't make us wait to see the gallery online! :-)


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