Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm a New Creation!

Last Friday night, a big beautiful full moon illuminated the night sky. My dear friend Lillian sent around some astrological info related to the Full Snow Moon. This was the last of 5 releasing moons. Release, release, release! A moon that would be the most aligned with the Earth and the Sun. The tidal pull would be strong and the energy undeniable.

This passage below was included in the moon info...

"Unexpected changes happen out of the air today. Go along for the ride. It is the twist. The sudden surprise. Say yes if you can. Take actions to adjust things so you can continue to work with or partner with the offer before you. You may need to STOP working with someone to be able to do what you want to do with another. All to the good. We are each getting into position for the next major chapter of our lives. Venus squares Saturn asking you to make a choice and go for your dream."

Friday turned out to be quite eventful for me with unexpected changes out of the air indeed. I recieved notice that my job was being eliminated and I was being laid off. As I talked with the VP of the company, I was a little in shock but I can't necessarily say that I was upset. It kinda felt like everything was happening exactly as it should be. I didn't go into panic mode, I took a few minutes to send some emails and digest the news. Then I found my Soup Dragons CD and danced around the living room while listening to the song, "I'm Free." The dogs were quite bewildered! (What the heckentater is Mommy up to now?)

I also created this painting to commemorate the occasion. I think the Universe has something in store for me. All I can do is do what I do, the best that I can do it. And stay open and BRAVe.

"Time to Take Off" by Shari Sherman ©2011, 8" x 10", mixed media on canvas

Also, after all of this, I went to the computer for some inspiration and consolation...wherein I entered Choosing Beauty's Happy HeART giveaway to win one of Rachel Awe's uplifting prints. There is a print titled, It's this simple... it really spoke to me and related perfectly to what I had written in my previous blog post about fitting in and standing out.

I was thrilled to find out a day later, that I had WON!

So, that's how I'm choosing to look at things...not so much at what I have lost, but what I have won!

Lovebeams, baby, lovebeams!
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  1. Yeah for you to be set free! The best is yet to come xxoo

  2. Free-Baby-Free! The battle is over and Art has won!


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