Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Steps

My blog has been on the fritz as far as uploading pics for the past few days, and for some reason, if I can't load a pic, a post just doesn't seem complete. During that time, I have had some kinda big news for me! I opened my very own ETSY shop with the above girly girl as the first item listed. 

To be honest, this is my second shop. The first one I started about 4 years ago. I listed a few items and then....nothing happened. And quite frankly I gave up. I didn't nurture it. I didn't feed it or pay attention to its growth. I planted some seeds and walked away. That's why this new shop is such big news for me...a recommittment to myself and my art. It's me being brave in putting it out there, no matter what happens. I will not become deflated if I don't sell out overnight. I will love it and take care of it as an extension of myself because it is (I am) worth it!

The original for this print was made for someone very special to me, but the irony is that I'm realizing that it is helping me too. I haven't been feeling very strong and healthy lately and I've been on a quest to get to the root of why. I am a firm believer in affirmations and a huge fan of Louise Hay, the grandmother of affirmations. I truly believe that our minds play a big role in how we feel and how our lives unfold. So, this little girl is the first in a series I am calling Artfirmations! Affirmation art...something to delight your eyes, your heart and your mind. Something to look upon daily and tell yourself these truths until you believe them with all your might!

 I'll be listing more inspirational, whimsical, happy art items soon, so please check back and see if something might be calling to your heart.

Be kind!

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