Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tag Sale Treasure! Funky Fly Curtains Get a New Life!

It is Spring Time already here in Florida. I think it is almost safe to plant some tomatoes. It's also a time when I am craving some fresh new looks about the house. I want to do projects that lighten and brighten and reflect the cheery mood that comes along with warm days, cool breezes, and sunlight that lasts well into the evening hours. 

Check out the above curtains that I recently SCORED at a yard sale. These curtains ARE Springtime in fabric form!
And all of this amazing fabric, for $2!!  

 I love this so much that I wrestled with cutting it up...I think I would LOVE these curtains in the studio...but in the end I went with my first inkling of using it for other projects...maybe an apron? or some short table curtains? or pillows? Or....chair cushions! I enlisted the help of my husband and got to work. First, we deconstructed the chairs. These were pretty easy, just a couple of screws, and the cushions popped right out. Then I placed the cushions on the fabric according to what design elements I wanted to line up on each seat, while at the same time, being careful to maximize my use of the fabric, so I can have some left for future projects!

All you do is cut squares, flip your cushion over and staple the fabric on! My husband was a huge help on this, and I recommend you recruit an extra pair of hands if you can.  You want to take care to stretch your fabric taut and then staple. Work on one side and then the opposite side and your fabric will end up laying nice and flat without too many weird puckers.  Don't worry, if you have some though. This is HANDMADE after all!  Once we got into a groove, the project went pretty quick and smooth!
I was able to cover these 4 dining chairs plus 2 smaller side chairs, with just one panel (with still some fabric left over).
Check out this Before and After!!
For just a couple of bucks and some elbow grease, I am in LOVE!
My heart flutters like a butterfly whenever I see these!
Recycle! Upcycle! Use your creativity!
Are any of you working on some upcycling projects?  Feel free to share your blog links in the comments!
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  1. OOOOO LA LA! Very very HAPPY!

  2. OHHHH too fab!! Love it. I re-did chairs with Deb-I was the muscle that did the stapling!

  3. Tag sale treasure funky fly curtains are shown here. Know all about it


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