Thursday, April 5, 2012

Surprise Art!

When I was a fledgling artist, before I ever had the inkling that I could SELL my work, I used to just make stuff and give it away to friends and family. (Hmmm...did we all start like this?)
There is so much joy in just making art and giving it away!
Especially when it is a SURPRISE!

Gifts from the HEART!
The above are 2 paintings that are just that...
works-in-progress destined to live with some ones I know
and I am just bursting to SHARE them!!
Is it YOU?
Check out these snippets and see if you can tell what they are! 
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  1. A curly-haired ....clown? The texture is GREAT. The colors warm me and I love the checkers and swirlies in the background

  2. I HATE CLOWNS! AAAHHHHHHH! No, it's not a clown....I am lovin' these colors too. It's funny how colors reflect your feelings.

  3. Gandalf, or a fabric on a nail. And a cerberus

    1. Mark, no, no, and no! But all of these are more likely for me to paint than a CLOWN! I'll post what they are by Friday!


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