Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tune in tomorrow for Buried Treasure!

The amazing Seth Apter, that's him above, is once again offering his annual compilation of art blogs. It's a great way to pick and choose your favorites from one handy-dandy spot instead of flitting all about the universe trying to gather up all the arty goodness that is out there! This all takes place tomorrow June 12th!

Here's a link to the post that tells all about it over on Seth's blog. I think there might even be time to get on the list if you check it out today. We'll all be sharing a favorite post from our blogs and the link over to Seth's blog, where the buried treasure list will be tomorrow.  Carve out some time to go on a bloggie treasure hunt. It only happens once a year!

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  1. Thanks Shari for helping to get the word out. Looking forward to getting the link to your post when it goes live and seeing what you chose :-)


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