Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Magic Desk

After a Sunday morning of impromptu furniture rearranging, I somehow ended up with this little writing nook!  As I work steadily on my Inklings project, this little nook will serve an important purpose in getting this book completed. I've included my trusty frog pen holder plus my 1/2-hour glass to time my micromovements. And at the center of it all is the MAGIC DESK. 

There once used to be a local junker's paradise called The Red Barn. It was made up of stalls of old-timers selling their collections and little outbuildings filled to the rafters with dust-covered treasures. It was here that I found the magic desk. It was love at first sight with it's heart cutouts on the sides and aangled writing surface with a little lip at the bottom to hold a pen or pencil.  It is built as solid as a rock without the use of nails or screws. I'm not quite sure how it is put together, but I do know that it has been through 6 moves and 2 different states with us and doesn't have the least bit of wobble in it. It has been through a couple of coats of paint (and soon to be another), but I still remember that underneath it all is wood with flecks of glitter. 

The Red Barn is long gone, replaced by a strip mall, but the day that I handed over $100 for the magic desk is still fresh in my mind. I always knew that it would play a part in making my dreams come true. 

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