Friday, July 11, 2014

Filling my Dream Well...

Every year, if I'm lucky, I spend a little time on Sanibel Island. This place fills my well and makes me believe that my dreams are not only possible, but this * close! Here are a few snippets in pics.
 The evening tide pools are filled with other-worldly creatures. This little guy shrinks all the way back into it's hole! Weird.
 Sand dollars everywhere! I just kept thinking of the unlimited source available to all of us! 

 We always throw the starfish back in and hope they make it.

 Two beautiful stars.

 One of the parts I love about an island...storms move in fast. I love how the beach changes.

 Dream car! Actually, it's this in turquoise with a white top, which also is somewhere on the island! This orange is gorgeous too!
 Beautiful Banyans. A tree that walks! One of my faves!

 New cafe on the island, Bennett's. Donuts! Yes, that is bacon on maple! (Now that I've had one, I don't think I need another)

 A little tennis early in the a.m. We only hit one ball out of the courts!

 One of the best places to eat on the island is actually the grocery store diner! And this is the Sanibel Boat!

 A sweet thrift spot that never fails...Dr. Martens in my size for $8!!! Whoo-whoo!

We are Family.,

 My kinda hometown parade.

 This is what I love.

 On the beach, watching fireworks across the bay, kids with sparklers, and good mosquito spray! Happy 4th!
The quiet moon rivaling all the festivities, watching over all of us.

My dreams are reality every time my feet touch the sand. 

Until next time, go out and radiate some LOVEBEAMS!

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