Saturday, July 22, 2006

Island Time

We are back from Sanibel and needless to say it was a great time. A part of me lives for this time in the summer, to escape, to live a different kind of life. It is dreamy and hot. It is eager activity early in the morning and languidness in the late afternoon. It is a traditional lobster feast on our first day there. It's about meeting friendly like-minds and, most importantly, about slowing down.

Leila and I stayed on 3 days after Tim had to go back and it was nice to have the time to ourselves. A mother and daughter exploring the beach. I found myself wanting to hold onto every moment.

We decided to help clean the beach on July 5th. I'm sorry to say that it wasn't a very long walk before we had filled a garbage bag full of remnants of the July 4th celebration the night before. I'm not sure if I'm more disheartened about the possibility that people aren't aware of how much damage this is doing to our planet or that they just don't care. Hello, you dirty litter bugs, this is OUR HOME.

Whew! Anyway, I was proud that our little clan did our part to take care of Mother Earth, to protect this beautiful place. And we were rewarded with this....

yes, a pod of dolphins and an awesome pink and lavender sunset. If that's not Mother Nature wrapping her arms around us and saying thank you, I don't know what it... plus this......

I was just telling Leila about where I was born, the land of Rainbows, Hawaii, and what appears but this beautiful full bow.

Plus, on the last day, we were going to go swimming in my parent's pool, but it was cloudy and it started raining. So we waited and waited for it to stop. My Dad looked out the window and said it looked like it was getting heavier. Leila was getting bummed at this point, so I said let's try a rain, rain go away chant. We did it, and I am not kidding you, my dad looked out the window and declared "It stopped!!" I thought he was kidding us, but he wasn't.

I tell you, we were in the flow and it was Magic!

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  1. Beautiful! I'm longing for a little island time. I've heard a lot about Sanibel and its white beaches and sea shells. I hope to see it one day. Glad you had such a nice time!


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