Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm going to give this a try again! I was shocked to see that my last blog was waaaaaay back in 2006. Time sure friggin' flies. And I was dismayed to see that around that same time I wrote a blog about committing to writing my blog. Whatever. I'm not going to try to analyze that and just move on. At the very least updating my blog will help me keep track of what day it is, and at the very most it will help me keep in touch with friends. Somewhere in between I'll share my thoughts, ideas, photos, feelings, whoaaaoooo feelings, and whatever inspires me. Ta-da! How easy was that. Keep up the good work. Oh, and sometimes I'll be talking to myself and sometimes I'll be talking to out there. Blow it out, ya gotta blow it out.

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  1. I can't even describe how happy it made me to see some of your paintings, wow. I knew I'd be proud someday to say I have several S. Sherman originals!!
    You must think I'm a blogging psycho - I pretty much write every day. But then again you know how much I love to write, so now I just found another format to spew out my words and have people read them!


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