Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Take Action

I am in a bit of a flurry as I am getting ready for the Baldwin Park Arts Festival this Saturday. Although I have been making strides in overcoming my procrastination issues, I am not fully recovered as of yet. So, once again, I am trying to do a million things at once and time is passing so quickly. I am taking the time to breathe and regroup so I don't go crazy, and sometime on Friday I will let it all go and be okay with what is done is done and make promises to myself to get it all together beforehand next time. "Next time" being exactly 2 weeks away for the Sanibel show, so let's just see if I mean what I say. I do know that it makes me happy to see the little jelly above. He is calming me down with his supercute vibes. He'll be there along with other jellies and mermies at the show to keep me company.
Inspirational thought for today: Think BIG! Thank you, Universe!


  1. That little guy made me really happy too.
    I'm sorry I'm going to miss you while I'm down there this time, but I'm so happy you're doing so many shows!

    My word verification is "frilinde" - that sounds like a good name for that jellyfish.

  2. Very cute! I hope the show goes well!
    And thank you for commenting on my blog--that was extremely nice of you!


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