Saturday, March 7, 2009

Walking on Sunshine

This has been a walking week and it is not escaping me the symbolism in that. I have had the wonderful opportunity to connect with two of my best girlfriends after a period of estrangement. (I am fascinated by this word and I don't know why). There was a period of time when we were all like sisters, so close and connected. And now I am so happy to be taking the first fledgling steps towards that magical bond again. I look back over the past few weeks and all the changes that have happened and am amazed at the complexity, at all the coincidences and synchronicity that occurred to bring me to this point. So, yes, I am walking on sunshine, things are looking up and I feel on the edge of something. I don't know what, but it feels good.

I'd like to say Thanks to my friend Shannon, who was the catylast that made everything click. Thanks for bugging me to get in touch on Facebook. Love ya! You rock!

Inspiration for the day!: START NOW. It is never too late to try.
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  1. Wanna hear something weird? Twice in the last month that picture popped up of you, me and Sister intently looking in that book (I think it was my big Van Gogh notebook) the night at Delorme's house (he took the picture) the night you shredded your Van Halen t-shirt and came up with the term "bird bath" (which I still use all the time!). The first time I saw the picture it made me sad because I had missed you for a long time and didn't like being reminded. The second time I saw it, it made me so happy - Sister had included it in the birthday picture book she made for me without knowing yet you'd gotten in touch with me.
    Life is so good sometimes.


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