Monday, May 18, 2009

What Gala?

Last Thursday Tim and I went to the much anticipated Gibson Orlando Guitartown Gala and Auction. It showcased all the guitars that were painted and displayed around Orlando for the past several months to be auctioned off to benefit 4 wonderful Orlando Charities, 2 of which benefitted kids and the arts, right up my alley. The good news is that my guitar went for $900. Unfortunately, it was to an online bidder, so I might never know who it is, unless they get in touch with me. Or in my storyland, maybe it was Jack Johnson, and one day I will see it again while hanging out in Hawaii with him and we will have a laugh about it over a beer while watching the sunset.

Back to reality, things in Orlando were not so fantasy-like. Anyone who knows me know that I do not regularly participate in bashing and usually try to find the silver lining and see the positive side of things. But I also think it is healthy to do the occasional venting so as to not keep negative feelings bottled up. No one wants an ulcer. Here goes....I walked through Universal Studios to the Hard Rock in heels. This was bad judgement on my part. I usually wear flip-flops whereever I go, and I have a few fancy pairs that would have worked, but Noooooo, I wanted to rock the heels. Note to self, heels are fine for standing or sitting....walking through a theme park in 90-degree weather on a balmy spring evening, not so much. Okay, so we're there and things seem promising, there is a red carpet and they have it set up with a guy (like papparazzi) taking pictures as you walk in. Who knows, what happens to those pics. No one ever told us. I tried to strike my best "America's Top Model" poses and the photogs comment to Tim was "I bet she's a handful at home." You betch your sweet......ahem, I digress. Anyway, I was totally slaked (for those of you who did not grow up on the beach in the 80s, that means very thirsty). A plus, they are serving free beer and something called a Blue Man Cocktail. You had me at Blue! They had food buffets set up as well. I was happy to see Brie. A blue cocktail and some brie cheese and I am a happy camper. The sucky part of this was that this was all outside. Did I mention that it is friggin muggy and hot, and I just walked a quarter-mile in heels? So there goes my hair and makeup. What-friggin-ever!

Jump ahead to inside the theater, I schmoozed around getting other artists to sign the commemorative Gibson catalog (the cool part, anytime I show up in published material, I likey!). Anyway, it starts, and after about 35 minutes of these mucky mucks patting each other on the back and thanking each other for doing such a great job (NOT!), then the auction starts. There are over 70 guitars to be auctioned. Let me tell you something about an auction, it is very exciting in the beginning. Not so much 3 hours into it. My guitar was something like 54 to come up, we waited, heard, and then cruised. I had my fill of blue drinks and Tim was almost ready to gouge his eyes and ears out with a pen. Plus this all is occuring on a Thursday night. Hello, people, can anyone say school night?? So we didn't stay until midnight to see The Blue Man Group, which was the main reason I wanted to go.

Oh, we also got sniped at by some parents sitting in front of us for being rude. Their daughter is an 18-year-old who painted a guitar. (which I think is awesome) but c'mon. Is this what rock-n-roll has come to? Shshhhhhh, you're being rude. I hope I die before I get old. You got that right, Roger. I hate to break it to you 'rents, but your daughter has heard the F-word before. Stop embarrassing her.

Anyway, the part that really disappointed me about this whole thing (there were many other little things I won't go into), but there was no friggin' music. Huh? Yes, you heard me right. There was no live music. There were no musicians on hand to sign guitars. There were no musicians to meet. Orlando actually has a pretty lively local music scene, and that is what makes this all the more absurd. I'm sure they could have found a band to play live during the cocktail hour. Deathcab for Cutie was playing right next door at the Hard Rock. Could you get maybe one of them to make an appearance? I swear, I really hate it when things are mismanaged. The mayor didn't show up either. He made a taped speech. Yawn. And our local O-town celeb, Joey Fatone, did not show up either. I can't believe I toyed with the idea that he might bring JT to the house. What a fool am I?

So, anyway, the silver lining is that I enjoyed doing the guitar, it earned a respectable amount for charity, I'm in a commemorative book, and I got to strut my stuff (before the feet started hurting), catch a buzz, and have a night on the town with the hubby sans the wee beastie.

Oh, I also heard through my Miami gravevine, that their kickoff for Gibson Miami Guitartown was hosted by....wait for it..... grammy-award winning, multi-platinum recording artist, Gloria Estefan!! Are you freakin' kidding me? I bet they have some live music at their "gala"?
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  1. Sorry about the annoyances, but that sounds like a really cool night otherwise! Happy your guitar sold so well!

  2. Bad call on the heels! Your poor feet. I think heels were only meant to sit in. Congrats on the good money your guitar went for. Too bad it wasn't for the shermans go back to Hawaii charity.

  3. Blue cocktail and some brie cheese and I am a happy camper too! Hi Sweet Shari. Hope all is well.


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