Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Last of the Killer Tomatoes

Dear Blog,
Sorry I haven't written in a while. I've been hiding out trying to deal with all of life's changes swirling about me. The quote "It's not what happens, it's how you handle what happens" has been in my head, helping to get it all into perspective. I am getting ready to embark on going back to transcription full-time and I have so many mixed emotions about it. Struggling with finances and handling that heap is not helping. But I am a perpetual optimist, (Thank you God), so in trying to find the silver lining and trying to find my way through to my next happy time, I am coming to a place that is relieved to not have to rely on my art to create money. Right now, I know that it can which is such a wonderful thing and that has given me feelings of worth and validity. But the art business is fickle and even with my wonderful clients, a drop in sales can throw you off kilter big time.

Having another source of income, is allowing me to create freely again. I look back at some things that I created while working elsewhere for money and there is a sense of freedom, of fearlessness, experimentation, and fulfillment. There wasn't so much of the "what will they think" or "how will this do at market" The value of just getting the ideas out and completed, going full circle is priceless. I am trying to develop the habit of "completing the cycle." Whatever it is, just following through.

I love the British sign that came out in WWII....Stay Calm and Carry On. I need to get a hold of that or make one of my own. I can hear my mom's Scottish accent....Cam doon, ya bloody ejit! (She never called us ejits, that was probably my dad).

It's wildfire season in Florida. It goes like this: Summer, Hurricane Season, 3 weeks to wear sweaters, 2 weeks to open your windows, and then the state bursts into flames. And to all of you smokers out there, who might stumble onto this blog.....stop throwing your butts out the window, you bloody ejits!!!

Anyway, the pic above looks like a wildfire, but it is actually an awesome sunset taken from our backyard, the sky was so orange it was amazing. I just wanted to hold onto the moments as they passed so quickly.

And finally, the last of the Killer Tomatoes. Just look at that thing, it was like MEAT. This is just giving me more incentive to get some planted, because the ones at the store are crap. This was a very, very good sandwich. Anyone who knows me knows that I take my sandwiches seriously. Interesting fact, did you know that the Hawaiian islands were once called the Sandwich Islands........coincidence? I think NOT!

Loving thoughts of Peace, Happiness, and Abundance to All.

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  1. I loved your description of the Florida seasons - whenever I describe them to people here I always forget about wildfire season!
    And writing in your mom's accent made me spit out my Powerade!
    That tomato makes me very very angry over the UNACCEPTABLE SPECIMENS I'm being forced to keep buying from the store! My goal is to find a convenient and affordable produce stand very very soon. There's a huge farmer's market here during the summer, but they are PRICEY. Sometimes however, you just need a quality tomato.

  2. When I was a Graphic designer and was working for money I lost all interest in my work. I felt I sold out a bit. Sometimes I feel the same way with djing too. I will put on a track and think "Bloody hell I hate this song" and there I am doing it for money. Pleasing the punter but not myself, but that's what life is all about I suppose.

    I like that British sign too. :)

  3. I am so happy to see you blogging. I will follow you now, like the adoring groupie I always will be. Maybe through blogging and following one another's blogs, we can actually stay in touch. I LOVE your description of your mom's take on ciggie butts out the windows. I swear she's a Scottish Dennis Leary. Love her (and you!)

  4. You're so welcome Shari! :) I have all my nursing board exam stuff in my new bag! Will post about it soon. This week has been a whirlwind! Nursing pinning ceremony is this Friday.

    May you and I both have big sweet tomato dreams.


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