Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We're back from our annual vacation to Sanibel Island. We had a great time as always. Even though every year is different, every year is wonderful. There is something magical about crossing the bridge and breathing the salt air. It's a place where you easily can believe that dreams can come true. Every time I am there, I feel like I am in the right place at the right time.

This time it was evidenced by an amazing event. I can't even really come up with words to describe how cool it was. It just made me feel like the Universe was watching over us, giving us this treat, this gift. It strengthens my faith and my ability to believe....in dreams and miracles. It happened about the 4th day into our trip. Every year, as I said is different. One year was the Year of the Sand Dollars, and there was an abundance of sanddollars. One year was the Year of the Starfish, and there were starfish everywhere. This year was the Year of the Dolphin. We always catch glimpes of them swimming in the bay or when we cross the bridge, but this year was different. There were just so many of them. Every day we went to the beach, we would see groups of them. This one particular day, there were 3 of them. It looked to be 2 juveniles and 1 bigger dolphin. Well, unbelievably, the 2 smaller ones started to come in close to shore, playfully riding the waves, flapping their tails. There were about 5 of us standing in about waist-high water, and these dolphin just circled and played all around us, within 10 yards of us. One dolphin swam about 5 feet from Tim....that's how close they were. It was absolutely amazing! This went on for about 20 minutes. They older/bigger dolphin was about 50 yards away, when suddenly it swam right up to the others, and "charged" splashing and creating a wave, splashing us. I believe it was trying to warn the smaller ones not to get too close to humans. It was all so magical. I can't believe I didn't have my camera, but then it is something that unless you experienced it....just a once in a lifetime thing. See what I mean about believing?

Another really cool thing that happened was that on the way there, I had described the car that I wanted, my dream car! I was telling Tim how I didn't want a new car, if money were no object, I would prefer an old car, something could be fixed up, ideally an old VW Thing. They didn't make too many, and there aren't too many on the roads anymore. I would paint it turquoise to ride all over the island. Well, and this is where the Universe comes in again.....one day we went for a bike ride, the 3 of us. We came upon an Open House for sale. This is a great house and I've always wondered what it looked like inside, and I really just wanted to see. Well, turns out it is actually the Perfect House. I mean this house is everything that we have ever dreamed of in a beach house! I could totally picture us living there (I think that's what the Universe intended!) Anyway, we walked downstairs to the garage, and lo and behold, there is a friggin' turquoise blue VW Thing sitting right there!!! I am not kidding. I almost pushed the realtor like Elaine from Seinfeld would do. I know he thought I was nuts, but I couldn't contain how much I was tripping out. The Universe speaks and I listen.

Did I mention how magical the island is?
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  1. So cool!!
    That reminded of something that happened to Brian & me a few years ago. We'd just moved to Brandon and were looking for a house to rent. In the meantime we were staying at my aunt & uncle's house (you can imagine how we wanted out of there as quick as possible). Well one Saturday morning Brian was out working. He came racing back home to tell me he saw a cute blue house with a For Rent sign on the side of the road just now and to hurry & get ready. In the car we both sat for a second & both said "Oh, let it be!" at the same time, he cranked the car and guess what was on the radio - the Beatles singing "Let it Be." We both freaked the hell out. Of course we got the house and after that happened I had no doubt we would!
    I love when the universe gets our attention.

  2. I recognize that lighthouse! Our family goes to Boca Grande every year, just a couple islands north of Sanibel across the Boca Grande pass. It is a wonderful place too .

    Thanks so much for stopping in to my blog so I could find yours. Your ink on couch and table story sounds far more horrific than mine. At least I was able to flip the cushions!

  3. Great Post! Hope you get that aqua VW some day. My cousin had a Thing, it was a fun ride.


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