Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To Meeeee!

Yesterday we had some good friends over for brunch. I served a ham/cheddar quiche and a tomato/brie quiche, along with fresh fruit and bagels and Magic Marshmallow sweet rolls. The Magic Marshmallow sweet rolls are a recipe from the Pillsbury Bakeoff cookbook and they are a crowd pleaser every time, and oh so simple. We also had peach Sparkletinis, which is a takeoff on mimosas. Just pure yumminess! I wanted to take a picture of the food, but it got eaten too fast! It was a wonderful day.

And today is my birthday!!! Yay, I'm 41 today. That sounds so odd to say, but I'm happy and not really hung up about the age thing. I did get carded the other day at the grocery store. I was very flattered especially with the upcoming birthday, but c'mon, are you trying to say I don't look old enough to buy a bottle of Peach Sparkletini? Really? I think it was the Universe's way of saying, "You still got it, girl!" And as a matter of fact, I do feel like I still got it! Here's to living life authentically and seeing the miracles all around and loving as fully as possible and just soaking up the sunshine! I'm off to the hammock with a good book! Oh, and here's to CAKE!
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    It sounds like you had/are having a great one. I still remember the half and half cakes you made for you and Brian - I just saw the picture of one not too long ago. Yummmmm, cake!
    And you make 41 look GOOD.

  2. Happy Birthday! Your lunch sounded yummy and your cake looks delicious!
    Blessings to you.


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