Saturday, July 18, 2009

What Do You Wish to Invite In?

I stumbled across this great blog that is just so positive and affirmative and inspiring. Check it out if you need a dose of goodness. And who doesn't? A recent prompt asks What Do You Wish to Invite In?

I am a firm believer in manifesting and creating and wishing and visualizing. I am realizing now that sometimes I have a little trouble in the allowing and receiving end of things. But, I AM a believer. I have experienced enough synchronicity in my life to KNOW. There is no doubt about it. I just need to get out of my own way sometimes. I ask the Universe for help with that. To remove from me whatever is blocking me from allowing. My current mantra is "I am ready to recieve." I am ready to recieve and hold on to it and experience the joy that was meant to be experienced from recieving." I am ready to recieve.

So what do I wish to invite in? At this moment in time I wish to invite in an abundance of money from an easy source. I have been reading Virginia Woolf's lecture "A Room of One's Own" and I highly recommend it to any woman creative. Basically, she says that to be creative one needs a space of their own and some money to do it. I find myself focusing on the making of money to maintain the lifestyle I want to live and sacrificing my creativity to do it. (And by lifestyle, I don't mean things and stuff. I have turned the corner on that path. I mean a home that I love and time with my family. I mean enough breathing room to soak in all the daily miracles around me.) I know that this will not always be the case. I know that there is an ebb and flow to life's experiences. I am just so ready for the flow. My heart is longing for some real "time" in the studio. Not just a few bleary-eyed stolen moments here and there, trying to catch all of the ideas I have swimming in my head.

I wish to invite in an abundance of money! I am ready to recieve freely. I am ready to give freely.
*An interesting thing happened today: While talking to my friend on the phone today about our financial issues, the doorbell rang. It was a couple of churchies. I stepped outside and they said where they were having their service and asked if I had anything to pray about. Why, yes! I do! I need a prayer for financial gain. So they said a prayer of multitude upon whatever I had in mind. It was quick and simple and heartfelt. I said "thank you" and that was it. No hardcore questions about faith and religion. Just do ya need a prayer, well, here it is. Nice. Hmmmm. Thank You.


  1. We've had so many financial ups and downs over the years, but I've come to the same conclusion - I don't need anything fancy; I just want the freedom that money provides people with to be able to enjoy spending more and better time with the people I love the most. I'd rather rack up great memories than shopping excursions.

  2. Came upon your blog....and enjoyed this post. Wishing you great manifestations!!


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