Monday, August 24, 2009

Smile and say "I Love School!"

Even though I've been looking forward to having my days back in the studio to myself, I couldn't help but feel a pang of melancholy as I said "Goodbye, I love you, have a good first day!" and walked out of Leila's classroom. Leading my wild child into confinement. I hope she has exciting things to tell at the end of the day...a sure sign of a great year ahead. She is sitting next to another little girl named Layla (what are the odds of that?) and my girl said..."maybe she will be my new best friend." Maybe. I miss her already. (I also told her not to wreck that cool messenger bag, cuz if you don't want it, I do!) I'll always be her BFF.
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  1. I was that dorky kid who used to LOVE the first days! Even now just sniffing new school supplies makes me very happy!
    I hope she had a great one.


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