Friday, March 19, 2010

A Dream Come True and a Lesson in Licensing

In my last post, Kim asked about my book. Well, here it is! It is a pet sympathy book. I did the illustrations and Connie from DogSpeak in North Carolina wrote it. I have been working with Connie for about 5 years with my line of cards and the book. It is actually my dream to do my own book entirely by myself, but this was a great experience into the realm of book-making/illustration/licensing.

I am so proud of it, not only for my part in it, but for how much comfort it has provided to so many people who have lost their beloved pets. I have received emails and phone calls thanking me for doing the book and have had many people in the hut (my tent) at art shows asking for tissues because they can't get through it without tearing up. A friend of the author, Dean Koontz, purchased one to give to him after the passing of his dear Golden, Trixie. Check out his Trixie books if you haven't. So sweet!

I couldn't have asked for a better experience as far as delving into the world of licensing and royalites. Important stuff to know, technical, legal jargon about rights and such. When all ironed out, the end result is a nice check in the mail every quarter. The book is self-published through Connie's team up in NC and distributed by her sales reps all over the country. Look for it in specialty stores whereever there is a doggie/pet display. Or if you are interested in a signed copy by me, contact me at and I'll be glad to help you!
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  1. Congratulations! Wondeful work! I really enjoyed your last post about self doubt too. I think many artists relate to his topic because as artists, our work is a part of ourselves. I think you would enjoy the war of art too. It has a lot in it that I related too!


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