Monday, May 31, 2010

Studio Progress

Last week I wrote about how I am once again reorganizing the studio....well, here are a few pics of my progress. The funny thing (and by funny, I mean CRAZY) is, that I have changed this space around probably 7 or 8 times already!
I really like how it is turning out though. The organization is coming along nicely. I'm working on grouping likes with likes, and minimizing what I actually need to have out on a regular working basis. I'm really liking the brown paper. My desk says clean and inviting now!
Tim keeps walking through and commenting on how much more open it seems. I feel the same way and totally feel on the right track with this layout. After I get settled, then I will finish the walls and then finally...if dreams really do come true....replace the back door with a paned garden door! Im visualizing...I'm visualizing...
This is my relaxation area. It is actually a mission-style bench with an oversize ottoman pushed together, with lots of pillows. The leather ottoman was free from some neighbors who were moving. The bench was a great garage sale find for $40 down on Sanibel Island. I have no idea how we got it packed in the van with all of our vacation stuff and I have no idea how I convinced Tim that this was a good idea. This is what I mean when I say I have a husband who supports my creativity! This area gets great light and is perfect for reading and writing and napping with the dog. Kona gives his lick of approval!
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  1. Hi Shari, I found you on the Flying lessons list. I am also a florida girl and wanted to connect. Your work is beautiful and I am in LOVE with your studio space. The light and muted colors look really peaceful. I am in the process of moving and have been dreaming about what I will do to create a good workspace once we settle back in. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and maybe stay in touch. hope you are enjoying the class too!

  2. Wow, seeing this REALLY made me miss you - it's so YOU. Love the relaxation area!!!

  3. your creative space is beautiful and so inviting!!! love the colors and how cozy it looks! happy creating Shari.

  4. Harmony, we'll definitely stay in touch through the Flying Lessons and beyond! Thanks Michelle, for you to say you love the colors of my studio is such a compliment, because of LOVE, Love all of your color choices! And Kim, ever since we reconnected, I've been missing you. I am so happy that you are a part of my life!


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