Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Commission for Connie

I've been working on these 2 paintings for my client and business associate, Connie from DogSpeak. We have worked together on the notecards and also she wrote the book that I illustrated, , Pawprints in Heaven. She has several of my paintings already and wanted these 2 for her new office. I hope she likes them. I personally LOVE the dogs with the umbrellies! Dogs and the beach...two of my favorite things.

In other happenings with me, I am thoroughly enjoying and absorbed in the e-course that I'm taking with Kelly Rae. It's called Flying Lessons, and it is exactly what I need as I start out my quest to build an online presence which will include getting my website the way I want it. It's up, but not exactly how I picture it in my head and of course, updating it will help. Also, opening an ETSY shop and really getting my blog going, which basically entails devoting time to it! This e-course is very encouraging with lots of helpful info on how to do all the stuff that I want to do. Very inspiring.

And speaking of building my blog, if you are visiting my blog, please leave a comment even if it is just to say Hi. Don't be shy. Comments are very encouraging to keep me blogging! Feed my Blog! Peace out.
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  1. I love the doggie paintings! Super cute. I am sure your friend is going to love them. I cant wait to see your etsy shop when you get it up and running! I know what you mean about Kellys course really pushing us to get that online presence going. I literally spent 2 hours the other day trying to create buttons for my blog. There are so many little things that need to be done/added on to make a blog/website look professional and "feel" like us. I never expected that. Keep going Shari!! It will be worth it.

  2. This is so weird-just today Amanda told me about ETSY & I was going to look it up! Serendipity again!

  3. Hi! I found your blog on the Flying Lessons class list and I am so glad I did! I live in Winter Park and it is good to know that there are fellow creative souls close by. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello! Hello!!

  4. Very cute puppies, girl! Also love love love the house numbers. XO

  5. Hi Shari! You look like such a kind soul. Your paintings are darling. Your blog looks great already. And I love your studio below, it looks so inviting. Oh and those mosaic numbers are so cool. I have a big basket full of broken glass just waiting in my garage for such a project!

    I used to live in Longwood / Altamonte too! Right near 434 and 436 in the River Oaks Apt's.

    So pleased to meet you!

    xo, Carissa

  6. Shari, I can't tell you how excited I am for you - doing what you've always meant to be doing and sharing it with the world! Wish we had another day by the pool coming up soon; that could get addictive!

  7. Oh they are darling...I love them!! Wow.. off to see where I can see more of your work!!


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