Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Gift to myself

I recently took part Kelly Rae's e-course Flying Lessons and there was so much inspiration and knowledge that I often found it difficult to keep up. There is also a wonderful community of artists who were involved in this inaugural e-course that I am honored to be connected with. I am thrilled that the group is continuing to grow even after the course has finished. Not only is Kelly in the midst of growing and preparing for a birth of her own, but I feel like we all are. We are all at different stages of this process but it is truly beautiful how those that are further along are so openly willing to help those coming up and those who are just starting are there to hold each other's hands through the tricky parts. I'm kind of in the middle. My creative career is changing directions, and I'm figuring it out as I go along. All the while paying close attention to signs along the way that my artistic compass is on course.

I didn't own a copy of Kelly's book prior to the course, but have been checking it out from the library and trying to absorb all of the goodness in it on a limited time frame. I happened to stop into Michael's Crafts yesterday to pick up some dry erase markers (ours were lost on vacation???) and took a few minutes to browse the clearance aisle as I do. Slim pickins....wait...OMG...my heart skipped a little beat when I uncovered Kelly's book from the bottom of the bargain book bin. It was in perfect shape and 50% OFF!!! I held it in my hands with gratitude and made note....a little love from the Universe. This book is for YOU! Happy early Birthday!
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  1. You know what I call that-a shopping fate moment

  2. I own this book and it's a real treasure overflowinng with inspiration. I've bought many collage books that disappointed me, but this one is one of my top five favorites. Blessings!!

  3. Happy Early birthday from ME, too! YAY!

  4. That was just meant to be! I love when stuff like that happens!

    Thanks for your comment on my Wishcasting post. Yes, I am on the FB page. And I also wish I could devote all of my time to the things I love and am drawn to. But we're working on it, right? :)


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