Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 7-11 everyone!

I have an undying love for this wonderful creation called a Slurpee. Although I do enjoy the cherry Icee occasionally or the watermelon Slushie from DQ, they don't even come close to the icy cold frothiness of the perfect Slurpee. The others can't rival all the flavors and the unlimited combinations that can be created...there's banana, raspberry, peach-mango, and the ever-elusive watermelon (purchased many, many years ago at New Smyrna Beach...undeniably the BEST Slurpee EVER). Not to mention the freedom to mix as you please. With a Slurpee, you are in control. And for those days, when you want to go old school, draw yourself a cuppa of pure, uncut Coke Slurpee.

During the school year, if the week has gone well and the spelling test is marked with a nice big A with a circle around it, we stop at the Sev on Friday for a cold one on the way home. And now that it is summer, we ride our bikes and reward ourselves for making it through the Florida heat with a Brain Freeze from slurping too fast. If you're like me and you lovva Slurpee, today is your lucky day. It's 7/11 and 7-Elevens everywhere are giving out free Slurpees to celebrate! So pump up the bike tires, rev up the car, or hop on your skateboard and go get yours. Slurp, slurp, slurp, and feel your cares melting away. Oh, Thank Heaven for 7-11!
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  1. oh yum. i haven't had one of those slurpees since i was a kid. i am so glad to know about the giveaway today!! i just told my husband and we plan to get some on our way to our friend's pool! yay

  2. I was talking about you today-when we left the beach I told Matt's mom Sandy that we stop @ that 7-11 for Leila whenever we go to the beach


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