Friday, October 15, 2010

Lets Face It! Workshop

These are a few of the background pages from a workshop that I am taking called "Let's Face It" by Jodi Ohl. We are going to explore creating faces using a child's board book as a base for the journal pages. These photos show my WIP as I went about creating my backgrounds. This was a lot of fun for me which is something that I have been missing in the studio lately. It was nice to just get out some colors and start splashing around. There was no care really about brushstrokes or ideas about how I wanted it to "turn out". I splattered, dripped, and and dribbled. I used stamps, bubble wrap and paper towels. It brought me back to a time as a younger artist when I really wasn't afraid to try anything!

I actually won this workshop by entering Jodi's free giveaway, which I got turned onto by my good friend, Tory. (Thank you, Tory!) I was just thinking about exploring more faces, which I normally don't do, and then this just kinda fell into my lap.  Funny, huh? 

Well, next up are the faces!  Looking forward to seeing what bubbles up with that. Check back for updates on this project. Until then, practice kindness whereever you go!
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  1. Cannot wait to see how this goes, it looks like so much fun!

  2. I love how the cut outs look and can't wait to see faces peeking around them! I'm glad the Universe smiled and you won the contest!...


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