Thursday, October 14, 2010

WP Autumn Art Fest

Last weekend I made the time to check out a local art show. The weather was absolutely perfect and sales were good. Very encouraging for the upcoming festival season!
Central Park in downtown Winter Park where the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival is held. This is also where the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is held in the Spring, one of the top shows in the nation. They have a beautiful rose garden there where it is nice to sit in the shade, watch the artists and patrons and stop and smell the roses!
Check out this beauty! It's petals looked so delicate, like tissue paper. This one is inspiring a painting.

I love how this turned out. So full of sunlight but you can still see the morning dew. There is wonder all around us.

Leila and Lisa, two beauties right at home with the roses!
Had a fun day, getting inspiration from my fellow artists and it really got me psyched up for my show in November on Sanibel Island.
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