Thursday, November 11, 2010

Art Every Day Month Day 10

Hi Everyone! Here is an art journal spread that I've been working on the past couple of days. It's for an journal circle that we recently started. The shell opens and inside will be my theme and guide for the book. I just love how she came to life. I'm going to do an Art Mermie for my upcoming show on Sanibel. (Sorry for the poor lighting! I'll post a better pic when all of my pages are done.)

This creating every day is magic.....I forgot, but now I'm remembering. If you haven't done it already, pick up a pencil and draw, or get out some scissors and cut and glue. Just doing the littlest bit of playing and making art does wonders for the soul.
Aloha and Peace,
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  1. OK she is pretty fantastic-might give my girl a run for her money!

  2. Your mermaid is beautiful. I love her eyes and the texture on her tail.

    You are right about the AEDM being magic. It has sparked so much creativity in me. I even put a sketchbook in my purse and was sketching yesterday before my son's play started.

    I love circle journals!

  3. How clever! I can't wait to open that shell and get the instructions! FUN FUN FUN.

  4. Thanks All!
    Lisa-these new girls are making yours a vintage piece and therefore worth more!

    Nelly-Thanks for checking out my blog. I love your art and your mom's...(your mom is Michelle, right?)

    Amuser-I would love it, if you got my book first! We might have to do some coniving and scheming...

  5. Nelly-Aaargh, I meant Heather, not Michelle. We're all Flyers!

  6. I'm on it! Everyday I feel that I change my theme in my head. At first it was Secrets. I think now it is "Joy". It will reveal itself soon.

  7. I love your Header. Super art work.

  8. love the way U R working this ART everyday month


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