Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Divine Purpose

We just had our monthly art journal meeting. As with any group of people, it takes a little while for things to start to gel, for people to get comfortable with each other. I am happy to say that each time we meet, we get to know each other a little more and I can see how we are all opening and unfurling, preparing to bloom.

The above is the page spread I did this time around. It was in my dear friend, Elle's, book and I am so happy with it. Especially since I didn't start on it until about 2:00 on the afternoon that it was due. But this little bee was waiting the whole time. The idea had popped into my head as soon as I read her theme page describing the Divine. But, as I often do, I then went about questioning it and trying to think of other ideas, something with a nature goddess perhaps...all the while this little bee waited patiently. I used watercolors, watercolor pencils, and gelsticks on watercolor paper. Along with acrylics and PITT pens to outline. I cut a little felt heart and stitched the words You Can.
It reads:

Divine Purpose
sweet little bee
always hearing murmurs of impossibility;
too this, too that, wings too small and body too fat
shouldn't be able to fly

But on the deepest, softest part of it's soul

It is divinely written...



I also want to take a minute to thank everyone who responded to my Goody Two Shoes post. Sometimes blessings are in disguise and I felt blessed by the outpouring of support. I had a little conversation with my daughter a few days ago after a couple of girls in her class were laughing at a story she had written. The story was about Misty, an imaginary horse, an imaginary BOY horse. Leila firmly stood her ground stating, it's IMAGINARY!!! It can be anything I want!

Good Girl! Right on!
I then told her about the person making fun of my creativity too. She was very intrigued about this, and I wanted to let her know that she was not alone, that as an artist, you might run across this from time to time. As she is taking this in, I was realizing how crazy it is that some adults still act like 2nd graders. I tried to keep it simple and not go too far into all the social implications and underpinnings. I boiled it down to: 

"If you can't say something nice, it's best not to say anything at all." 
Her reply:
"I thought that was just for little kids." 
No, sweetheart, it's not.

One really good thing that has come out of my little lesson here and from reading all of the comments afterwards, is that I realize how many of us have stifled our goodness to fit in. I wonder what would happen if we just started to embrace it... all the time. I feel a Goodness Revolution brewing. Maybe the world would change by being good to ourselves and each other. I don't know how it will take shape, but I feel it, and instead of thinking it is Too Big or listening to those murmurs of impossibility, I'm going to listen to my heart and remember I CAN.

My super-duper friend, Lisa, added:
"It's good to be good!" 
I just love that.
It IS good to be GOOD.

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  1. I love the positive energy that came out of this post. I feel better already today. "Goodness revolution" - great line! :)

  2. I'm on the Goodness Train too! The people who keep getting on are awesome, and the scenery is beautiful :)

  3. Good for your daughter, and good for you! I hate that people can't play nice, especially as adults. Also, I ADORE your journal pages!


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