Monday, December 13, 2010

Something I've learned this season...

LOVE is truly all around.

Sometimes it can even be found on the back of a baby goat!

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  1. Thanks to a friend I found you!! That's exactly how I live my life! THAT LOVE IS EVERYWHERE as long as you're willing to find it! WOW!! How fun!! I have an album on FB that are random photos taken by friends/and fellow bloggers with the word Love. hearts go in a different album. In fact, come by and visit me. I'm running a contest until the 21st and then choosing the top 5 LOVE photos and have the readers vote on the best one! How fun! Oh I'm so excited!! Thank you for that. FANTASTIC!!!! There's still time to enter the contest. The post is called..."Love is everywhere" I believe. Come check it out! SO AWESOME ! Hope you're having a GREAT DAY!


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