Thursday, April 21, 2011

A product that really works...

As you can see, I'm still persevering on the bloggie overhaul. Learning so much, which is fun at times and other times I want to pull my hair out trying to get it to do what I want. I'm getting there...

I wanted to take a minute out for a product recommendation. I consider myself quite a savvy shopper, mostly by necessity, but I also find it kinda fun getting bargains just by paying a little bit of attention. That being said, I do not like products that don't do what they say. It really bugs me. It makes me feel ripped off and I start pondering all that is wrong in the world, like work ethics and fraud. So, when a product actually outperforms my expectations, I am happy and willing to share the info, especially with my fellow artists out there.

I found such a product in Winsor and Newton's Brush Cleaner and Restorer. Absolutely fabulous product, and non-toxic, and low vapor, and IT WORKS.  I have to admit I'm not the best brush caretaker in the world. I have brushes that have caked on, dried on acrylics, that I lovingly tell myself I'll use for some mixed-media experimenting. But we all have those brushes that we love and actually use to PAINT with, and when those are mistakenly left out to dry, it's is a sad day. And for those of us with young artists who get caught up in moments of creation and not so much in moments of clean-up, this will save you from admitting yourself to the looney bin, next time you find your favorite brush coated in dried black acrylic looking like a 12-month-old toothbrush, bristles all hither and thither.

It works! I recommend keeping a bottle on hand. (And if Winsor and Newton is out there, I'm available for product endorsement!)

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  1. Love your new "LOOK". Clean and Fun, like you.


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