Monday, June 13, 2011

A little mixed media...

Hi All,
I've been away from the computer for a little while, absorbing myself with my new job. Unfortunately, with so much information to take in, I have had to limit my time on the blogs and FB in order to prevent any overwhelm that could arise from trying to DO IT ALL, ALL THE TIME.

I know that soon I will settle in and with camp starting this week for my daughter, I will soon have a lot of studio time during the day to myself, and a lot of time to devote to working out....SOON. Looking forward to these free summer days.

Here's a little somethin'-somethin' that I created for my art journal group. It will actually be in my own book, as this was a page devoted to how we are feeling about our group and the experience of art journaling up to this point. With art journaling, I am "feeling free". Able to explore all different mediums, often without any notion of how it will turn out. Just going with the flow, and reacting to ideas this way and that as they pop into my head. It's about happy art surprises and loving what I create with my own two hands. It's about using glitter with abandon just 'cause I feel like it. Stamping, cutting, clipping, gluing, stapling, painting, drawing, and adding words, words, words! Without any thought about whether it is fine, folk, whatever genre it fits into, or whether someone will like it or not.

As I mentioned above, this page will go into my journal at the end of the circle. Upon showing it to my husband, he asked..."Do you think Shari will like it?"

I think she will LOVE it.

Go out and Be Kind.
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  1. Oh Shari - this is wonderful... I can feel the freedom! I love your husband's question and your answer :)



  2. Wonderful art piece, love the playful colors! :]


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