Monday, July 4, 2011


I made a little photo collage of our trip down to Sanibel Island. The island is one of my favorite places on Earth and I am thankful to be living just a short road trip away. Time slows down when you cross the bridge. Life is as simple as Beach, Eat, Sleep. Repeat. As soon as I get there, I am inspired. I don't know if it is the shore breeze playfully blowing through my hair, the fine white sand beneath my toes, or the amazing sky that kisses the sea. I feel comforted, safe...I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

As the iron lighthouse stands guard nearby, we comb the shoreline seeking treasures. It isn't long before someone calls out, "I found one!" or "Look what I found!" I am always in awe at the abundance that the ocean has to offer. Every year I pick a differnent type of shell to collect. This year, I set about easily collecting white scallops. I have an idea to make some pendants, possibly using wire wrap. I keep a lookout also for any interesting driftwood. This time I scored some woven palm, nature's "fabric". I can hardly wait to incorporate that into an art journal page somehow. Texture. Color. Composition. It is all around. Nature is creating magic here.

I am aflush with the ideas that wash over me.

Although my time spent on the island is fleeting, I remind myself to remain in gratitude for every minute I am there. When I am there, possibilities lay wide open. I feel like that is the life I am meant to live, and I feel like I have the power to create it.  I hear the calling...

So, when I return home, I try to hold onto that feeling, that inspiration, that I CAN create whatever life I desire.
Below, is a work-in-progress, one of the many island ideas that are begging to be let out. It reads:
a day at the BEACH can change your whole PERSPECTIVE in the BEST way possible.

Go out and Be Kind.
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  1. I feel the wave of your enthusiasm washing over me. Thank you for your beautiful writing today. Love You!

  2. Love you too, Amuser! I miss you just as much as I miss the beach!!


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