Friday, September 16, 2011

The Big Picture(s)

A few days ago I posted some crops of some works in progress. Well, here is what I've been working on. I think it's pretty interesting how I go through phases of wanting to work big and wanting to work small. I believe my small creative urges are being satisfied with art journal pages at the moment, so when I get some studio time, I just want to work big. The LIFE piece is 24" x 36". This is based on a little song that my husband knows from when he was a kid. I had never heard it before I met him, but I just love it.
Happiness runs in a circular motion. Life is a little boat upon the sea.

This painting, grow!, is actually a painting that I already had hanging, but it was always telling me that it wasn't really finished. So I decided to re-work it, and this is what came out. It's another big one, 30" x 40". I have alway loved this quote from the Talmud. My favorite reaction was when my daughter saw it, and she gasped, "Are those rolly-pollies?"  Yes, those are rolly-pollies!  I'll have print options available in my ETSY shop soon.
So, I've just been doing whatever I want in the studio. I know that sounds kinda strange, because you would think "Don't all artists do that?" 
Mostly, yes.
But sometimes we lose our way, and we start to make stuff because we think it's right, and we think what we WANT to make is wrong. As we find our way back to ourselves, it's important to spend some time trying out whatever you are inspired to create. 
I like making HAPPY art. That is the label that I like for my work. I don't need to fit into the traditional categories of fine or folk, traditional or modern, abstract or pop. It all just feels so limited. So much energy can be wasted on trying to fit in.  I like that my art makes people smile. It makes me feel good.  And I believe it generally lifts the spirits of those who see it. Plus, I'm especially proud that kids love my work. I am choosing to be part of the Happy Movement!
I'd love to hear your comments.

I am off for a little roadtrip with some wonderful, creative women. It is time to fill the well and soak in some moonbeams by the water and stir up some creative juiciness. I'll keep you posted. Until then...
Go out and be kind.

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  1. I love your artwork, it's so happy, creative & beautiful!

  2. :))

    this is a really nice happy post :))))

    pretty blog - and your profile picture is So pretty!

    pretty pretty pretty!


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