Saturday, September 24, 2011

Great Giveaway!

Hi All!  Hope you all are having a great weekend. I am super busy but feeling pretty powerful, so it is all workin' out fine. So far, I've found my voice where my child's education is concerned.  I've learned to appreciate the people in my life, while they are still here. They are AMAZING!! And I've also learned that I CAN DO IT...whatever I decide it is. (IT changes often and that's okay!).  I've also learned that the husband and I work pretty well together on home projects. I think that's quite a lot for it being only Saturday afternoon!

Now, I'll be prepping a California roast with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar, for my parents visit tomorrow and finishing up some small works of art, getting them ready to send out into the world.


While you are taking a few minutes to contemplate all the goodness in your life...

Check out this amazing giveaway that I'm a part of, if you would love some humongous artsy goodness!   It's sponsored by Harmony of Feed Your Soul Art, and I'm giving away an original piece of art!

I'll let you know how the roast turns out. Until then...

Go out and Be Kind.


  1. Such a beautiful blog you have. I adore your colorful paintings. Many greetings from Finland

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog - Inspirational for me!

  3. Cheryl Sweet4:12 AM

    Have a wonderful week! It is beautiful and motivating to all who see it! Thank you for your contribution for the giveaway. I would be so honored to win! Keep making the world beautiful place

  4. Wonderful blog! Super giveaway- I found you through Harmony :) Have a good week!

  5. Thanks Lovelies, for all your sweet comments. I wish all of you could win!

  6. Such a beautiful expression of how you feel about your life. Inspired.

  7. The roast sounds yummy and I've checked out the giveaway - it looks awesome! Someone is going to be super lucky!


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