Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How I Met Jo Packham or Synchronicity at the Southern Womens Show

Entering the Southern Women's Show at the Orange County Convention Center
I have lived in Florida most of my life, so it might come as a surprise that I have NEVER attended the Southern Women's Show which is held yearly in Orlando.  I have made attempts in the past to go, but inevitably something would come up, schedules would change, and plans would be waylaid.  But I am a true believer in everything happening in it's right time, and yesterday I finally got to attend the show. The biggest draw for me being that The Craft and Hobby Association was participating this year with their own CHA pavillion.

I went with my fabulous friend, Lisa, who is so naturally crafty that she thinks she's not. She is also a luck magnet, as a young man walked up and handed her complimentary admission tickets just as were about to purchase tickets to the show. Score! And I thought I was lucky! (actually I am the luckiest because I can call her my friend).

The day was packed with fun that started off with Wendy Russell , host of HGTV's She's Crafty, and her fun mixed-media challenge called, Get Your Craft On! That's me up on stage where we had 10 MINUTES to create a piece of art dedicated to someone special and the story behind it. 
Amidst a frenzy of goopy glue and paper, flying feathers and felt...I learned that I am NOT cut out for speed crafting!  But, the results didn't matter because it was so much FUN! In the end we were all crowned craft queens complete with feather boas! My art peice was more of a grafitti-style combobulation titled "You are Fab!" and I dedicated it to my friend, Lisa, as she cheered me on in the audience. She has been through some tremendous life challenges recently, and she not only handles it, but does so with grace and kindness, not to mention, always in a cute outfit!

Thanks to Wendy for helping us get our crafty day started!
 (Shhh.....I'm secretly hoping that maybe one day, I can be the one leading one of these crafty groups).

Next, as we were creating embellished scissor holsters complete with scissors sponsored by Westcott, I mentioned to Lisa that I wanted to submit my studio to the Stampington and Company mas gazine Where Women Create, created by the amazing Jo Packham. Fast foward an hour or so, and I am standing in booth full of cute shoes and I look down, and there is Jo Packham!  I tentatively asked her, "Is your name, Jo?" She looked up and threw her arms wide open answering "Yes!" As we embraced in a big hug, she asked, "Do I know you?" (this makes me laugh every time I think about it).  "No, but I know YOU!"  Then I proceeded to tell her how I wanted to submit to WWC and she said to do it, now is the time, and to add a little note about our meeting, joking that anyone who recognizes her needs to be in the magazine. (I hope she recognizes me when I submit!) She is funny, vivacious, and encouraging. Just the type of chance meeting that I needed to take my next steps, to Start the Journey...
(Plus, I knew that somehow cute shoes would play a part in my destiny...must tell husband!)

Our last project of the day was during Cathie Filian's make and take presentation featuring Mod Podge by Plaid, sponsored by Where Women Create.  It was all about taking game pieces and recycling them for use in mixed media jewelry. I made this little ring from a Scrabble piece, some art paper, along with clipped words from a paperback book.  We also learned how to make super cool pendants using a domino.  Big thanks to Cathie for an easy-peasy and addictive demo!
The day was filled with positive energy and everything from jewelry to bacon-wrapped meatloaf (yes, yum!) and even a red hot fireman fashion show. I learned a lot about marketing too, observing some do's and don'ts to keep in mind, got lots of ideas and inspiration, along with tons of girly fun.

Also, Where Women Create is having an awesome giveaway in honor of participating in the Southern Women's Show, check it out here...seriously, you do not want to miss out on a chance to win!

I'm off to take some pics of my studio...I'll let you know how that goes.

Until then,
Go Out and Be Kind! 
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