Friday, June 15, 2012

10-10-10 (8-8-8) LAURA CATHERINE

Here's our first 10-10-10 (8-8-8) participant!  Check out Laura's answer to my question below!

Laura is a marketing professional, graphic designer, writer and lover of all things creative living her best life in Charleston, SC. On most days, you will find Laura sharing her artful adventures at, as well as helpful online tutorials, app reviews and design bits of goodness on her blog.

Blogging about online marketing has provided Laura an outlet to share much of what she has learned through her years in the online tourism and television markets. Her online marketing journey began in 2005, when she was internet marketing director for her local tourism bureau - when social media was emerging. She also worked in internet sales/marketing for a top NBC station in South Carolina, whose website drew more than 500,000 visitors a month.

In 2010, Laura signed up for Kelly Rae Roberts “Flying Lessons” e-course. She immersed herself into artistic pursuits away from the computer and shares her progress with her readers at

Laura enjoys art journaling, painting, tweeting, making jewelry, traveling and (of course) blogging. She has been known to hold a craft tweet-up and loves handmade items.
Question 3

3.What animal would represent your first year of business? Shari

This is a tough one! I officially created my LLC in April of 2011 but have been doing freelance design/web work since as early as 2007. During my first few years in business, so much self-growth happened. I guess you could say I was an “eager beaver” at first.

I sometimes (unknowingly) undervalued my work and did not charge others fully for the time spent on various projects. I would accept projects big and small, leaving little time for family and self-care. I had some wonderful clients but also had a challenging experience where I learned the value of creating a business contract before beginning work.

Today, I’m more selective about who I do business with, more careful about the contract side of the work, and more protective of my time. If this sounds a little cautious, it’s because I am more cautious. But on the flipside, I also truly enjoy who I work with and have more balance in my life. I’m hoping my business will continue to grow and flourish, more closely resembling a butterfly or maybe even a dolphin.

Expressive, flowing, with beauty and balance in the everyday happenings of my work.

I have always loved Kelly Rae Robert’s art girlies, and especially love when they have butterfly wings (like this one). I’m drawn to the water and love living in Charleston, which is where dolphins come in. One of my recent paintings was a mermaid (seen on my Twitter background here or here for those reading via mobile) - another way I express my love of the water and the peace and clarity that it brings.

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