Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Let's see how Dani will answer my question:

What animal would represent your first year of business?

artist name: dani keith
business name: {dani keith designs}
years in business: 2

twitter: danikeithartist

brief bio:
maker of pretty things. grower of dreams. catalyst for creativity.

dani keith has been creating for a lifetime. in the spring of 2010 she was set up on a blind date with metalsmithing, and she says it was instant, true and deep love at first fusing! {dk} is constantly evolving, and dani is genuinely excited to see where each turn takes her.

artist statement: "I find the beauty in the simple geometry of shape and transform metal into a story that the wearer wants to be apart of"

What animal would represent your first year of business?

an ant…those poor little buggers never stop, and neither did I!

I gave new meaning to chief, cook and bottle washer and I can say that the most identifying feeling I had was exhaustion. After my first year of business I took a really hard look at my practice and my return on investment…what I discovered is that I most definitely worked a lot harder than smarter and that needed to change. The good news is there are a lot of basics that need to be done that first year, but once they are done, they are DONE. I have been able to refine my production and fabrication times, and most importantly I have learned how to say ‘no’ I don’t take every project that I am offered, I set time and space boundaries and most importantly in year two I remembered how to breathe…because breathing is GOOD!

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