Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We have another installment of the 101010 project, and answering my question, What animal would represent your first year of business?,
today is Robin Norgren, the amazing mastermind behind this project.  A special thanks to Robin for creating, organizing, and bringing this project to life again in Round 2! 

Robin Norgren

Name of business: Robin Norgren Studios

Social media links:




Years in business: 4 years

Brief Bio:

I strive to live life to the fullest. No matter what. I have grown into myself through my love for Jesus and HIS LOVE FOR ME. Art, motherhood, business, creativity and yoga are the cherished vehicles for this deepening. Life can be FULL, JUICY, MEANINGFUL, PURPOSE FILLED, LOVELY. I want to help you come to your fullest life. I create workbooks, ecourses and workshops that chronicle my change and growth and offer you ways to find out what YOUR FULLEST life will be.
What animal would represent your first year of business?

I am smiling as I write this because I was going back and forth between a turtle and a finicky cat that hides under the bed and is easily spooked! I think I will go with the kitty cat. I did not tell anyone about when I started my business on etsy. I was still contending with a serious identity crisis when I first started up in 2009. I was nursing some wounds on some dreams that had died about my life as a chaplain in the U.S. Navy.

I worked toward that goal for almost three years and after two rejections, I just felt aimless. Then low and behold when my husband was deployed with the military leaving me home alone with my two year old daughter… well aimless and lost definitely described me.

So funny how now I look back and realize that allowing that dream to just be what it was – unrealized and tragic – and move into the what is next.. well I can tell you this girl is NO LONGER the skittish kitty cat! More than anything it taught me that it is OK AND NOT ONLY OK BUT POSSIBLE to get a new dream…

Robin Norgren is currently completing her life coaching certification and would LOVE to offer you a FREE 15 minute mini session – sign up for her mailing list here:

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