Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Countdown has Begun...10, 9...

School starts on August 13th, and I am counting the days...
These last few weeks of summer have been a total time vacuum. I haven't been getting very much done online as you well know. No blogging since July..and .my ETSY blasts have come to a halt.
But if you think I've been lounging around in the hammock for the last month...well, let me tell you...
I have not!  In fact, the hammock and I haven't shared quality time since before we went on vacation. (Hang on hammock, August 13th is coming!)

Hmmm, what HAVE I been doing?

I have finished up some pending ARTWORK.  I have been doing the ARTIST'S WAY course. I have been CREATING some new art for the Artist's Way show, which is TONIGHT. I have been hosting and scheduling multiple PLAYDATES and sleepovers so my daughter isn't completely BORED. I have also been wrangling said daughter into reading and math facts so summer MUSHBRAIN doesn't set in. I have been decluttering the house. I have been listening to my INKLINGS. I have been researching different ways to create a book.  I have been DEBATING over my next move. I have been on an ART SUPPLY DIET for the last couple of months. I have SHARED some awesome studio time with some super creative WOMEN.  I have been reading the FIRESTARTER SESSIONS.  I have been becoming a BUSINESS GODDESS.  I have made some NEW FRIENDS. 

Sprinkle that with a few late nights with a sick kid AND planning an end-of-summer family visit, and the only OBVIOUS questions left to ask ARE:

Is that PINK EYE?
Should we get a GUINEA PIG?

Only 8 days until school starts...
(Oh, it's time to shop for school supplies and uniforms too...
please forgive me if I don't blog about it!)

On that note, Go Out and Be Kind!  Finding a great binder or lunchbox and stocking up on pencils and paper does NOT have to turn into a Battle Royale!
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  1. What a great productive summer! and I vote guinea pig!

  2. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I vote two guinea pigs. It's nice to have a buddy to hang with!
    ~ Wendy

  3. How about a Guinea Pig Doll. You can hug it, and squeeze it and call it George.

    I miss you.

  4. Wow, I'm tired! :-) You are an inspiration Shari!


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