Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Month!

I actually prefer casual laid back birthdays to big parties and much to do. A day at the beach with some quiet time to reflect and contemplate is my kinda birthday.  Finish it off with delicious food and drink surrounded by family and that's all I need or want.  Celebrating birthday MONTH, isn't about getting more out of my birthday.  It's really about putting more back in.  It's a month where I take the time to celebrate ME!  To take the time to see where I'm really at and where I want to go.  To let others know how special I AM, to myself, and they can feel free to join in if they want.  Birthday month is about gaining clarity and redefining boundaries, all in an effort to chart my course for the next year of life. 

Up until this year, I really haven't been one to keep track of my age. It was just kind of a number up there swirling about my head...somewhere between this and that. I know the decades, for sure...the 20s, 30s, and now the 40s all have held their magic appropriately, and uh-hum, occasionally inappropriately. You see, I don't feel my age, and I hope I never do!  In my head, I still hold the wonder for life that started when I was a little girl. But this year is different. I felt the need to own it.  So I did the math and figured out that I am 44 this year! And I'm pretty happy with that...Life is Good!

There is still so much to discover and experience, to learn and to feel.  To Do. To Read. There is still so much LOVE to give.

Happy Birthday (Month) to Me!
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