Thursday, October 11, 2012

I AM Worthy-An ArtFirmation

"I Am Worthy of My Biggest Dream"
(she's wearing a butterfly crown!)

I am a big believer in affirmations...what you tell yourself, you become. It's kinda like programming or re-programming your noggin. The problem is that most people have negative thoughts running such as...I'm not this....I can't do that...that'll never happen.

The good news is that it is fairly simple to start changing your thought patterns. Simply find an I AM sentence that fits what you would like to create in your life.  Pick one that SPARKS something inside don't necessarily have to believe it yet, but it will FEEL right to you.  Then, all it takes is practice.  Repeat it to yourself while you are brushing your teeth. Repeat it while you are sitting at a stoplight. Repeat it while you are waiting in line. And definitely, most especially, repeat it when you are feeling the opposite of what you want to create.  All you are doing is inputing new data into that big, beautiful brain of yours!  Give it a try.  It's worth a shot.  See what amazing changes

I'm creating a series of ArtFirmations™ to be used as artistic daily reminders. I'm thinking I'll also put them into a pack of cards or maybe have it so you'll be able to choose 5 or 6 cards and create your own personal deck that speaks to you.

The above piece is approx. 8" x 8" mixed media on stretched canvas. The original can be yours for $80 with prints available too! over on ETSY.
Tell Yourself You are Worthy!

Until next time, go out and Be Kind!
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  1. Beautiful and I am thrilled to have found your blog...I am a fan!!!

  2. Shari, I just love this, actually I love all your work. Each piece brings with it so many wonderful things and this one is like a bit shot of happiness.
    :) Chris / CS Designs

    1. Hi Chris! Thank you for your flurry of comments. Your kind words are boosting me up today...a great day for it!


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